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Humanity is strenghthened by the inspiration of young visionaries.

Be Remarkable projects are simply a next step in the right direction for strengthening education for brilliant and exceptional young people.




Empowering nonprofits that support gifted and talented programs, early childhood through 12th grade, is the core of our mission.

Building public awareness of the challenges faced by nonprofits that help underserved brilliant and exceptional young people.

We're deeply invested in creative solutions that drive scale and real-time results, building trusting relationships for a lifetime of value.

It's time to focus on the innovation of education.

let's change the way we think about changing the world.

Remarkable people will help solve the world's biggest challenges.

We believe in the promise of social innovators and their advocates.

Social-funding for schools, educators, parents and students to fund their projects. In Development

An eMagazine & Communuity for supporters and mentors of brilliant and exceptional young innovators. In Development

Social-messaging for social innovators to go viral. In Development

Social-funding innovators reimagining how to help global project developers and agencies with their biggest problems. In Development

A community for social innovators saying something important together - in a method that relates. In Development

We're listening to the voices that silence doesn't protect.

One promise, one concept, one voice.

Campaigning for G&T Children

Advocating Social Impact Investments

An Invitation for Philanthropists


A portion of our profits are provisioned to support educational projects and social innovation programs.

Be Sensitive to yourself, our environment and each other.

Watch these amazing wunderkinds.Young scientists, musicians, innovators, activists -- all under the age of 20.

Will You

Keep Your


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Be Remarkable Projects are made possible in support of a Be Sensitive Foundation, with inspiration and help from the Be Sensitive Network of visionary philanthropists and social impact investors.

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